About Us

FromRenter2Buyer.com is the website dedicated to our buyers who come from all walks of life and, like many, typically have life challenges which all too often translate into credit challenges. With today’s difficulties accessing finance, like a traditional mortgage from a bank, most people can’t even entertain the possibility of purchasing a home in the conventional way, mostly through a realtor listing a home for sale, sometimes from a homeowner handling the sale of their own home in a ForSaleByOwner deal (FSBO).

FR2B is operated by the parent website of Proxima Investors (proximainvestors.com), Property Acquisition and Lease-Purchase Specialists based in Northborough, Massachusetts, and operating in all New England States.

When an aspiring homebuyer faces life challenges which in turn almost inevitably lead to credit challenges, the path to ownership often becomes impossible and the forever burden of expensive renting looms ahead.

That’s where we step in and solve the issue of having to stay at parents or in-laws, or renting perpetually caught in the vicious circle of wasting money in rent and never being able to afford to buy.

With our deals, a renter finds a home they would like to purchase among the ones we offer under our programs, offers a downpayment which is not fixed, it varies depending on all the circumstances, but must entail a commitment to the purchase which can happen months or years down the road. The downpayment gets them in the home for a period which is only similar to a rental, and formally as such, but in practice it’s just like owning the property. The lease-purchasers live and breath ownership because they are just working on and waiting for credit numbers to line up so they can secure financing and formally purchase the home which they are already enjoying as such.

That’s how we set prospective buyers with prohibitive life and credit challenges on the path to ownership of a home, a staple of the American Dream, and free them from the burden of rent, which only helps line the pockets of landlords, but does no good to the renters’ families, despite their aspirations.

We are a small team of husband and wife, based in Northborough, Massachusetts, who invest in properties in New England. Most of our properties we buy and sell through lease purchase programs. We understand the commonly unknown benefits of such deals by having gone through the process of selling and buying our own home with these same contracts. With the passion of passing on what worked so well for us personally, we began proudly solving homeowners problems with selling, all while helping to put renters on the path of ownership and away from perpetual renting.

Call 617-999-0269 anytime if you want to know more about our deals and if we can help you, or contact us through email, messages or even social media…