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  • 968 Plymouth St, East Bridgewater, MA Coming Soon!

    Soon to be listed is this antique colonial single family home in East Bridgewater, MA, 02333.

    FOR SALE, FOR LEASE-OPTION OR FOR SALE ON OWNER FINANCING, interested buyers have the option to acquire this charming property depending on their goals and situation, with a loan not strictly necessary to move right in!

    It’s a 3 bedroom (+2 bonus rooms) and 2 bathroom home, with a 2 car garage attached, 2,790 sq ft, on 1.6 acres.

    The property boasts an inground swimming pool, 18ft by 36ft, and a 30ft by 30ft 3 horse stall wooden horse barn with tac room, overhang on 2 sides and hayloft with 2 electrically fenced in areas.

    A rarely available equine home (or equestrian property), this property is undergoing extensive renovations and will hit the market once the project is complete.

    To get more information and sign up for updates, call or text 617-999-0269.

    2021 Project and Listing by Proxima Investors, Residential Real Estate Investors in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, New England.

  • & Real Estate: Featured Home of the Week!

    17 Sandy Ridge Rd Sterling MA was featured this week!

    Beautiful and expansive contemporary home

    Deservedly House of the week on, edition of Worcester, MA!
    Right on the beautiful Championship golf course in Sterling, Massachusetts (step from backyard right onto the green of hole #13 and keep walking to the clubhouse or drive your golf cart!). Enjoy the views West towards the golf course through the large and plentiful windows and the higher ground it’s built on. The backyard was leveled to maximize usable space for backyard activities.

    The article is about the property and its story, price and plenty of other info, including the investors to contact for an option to purchase and keep in mind about the possibility of lease-purchase or seller finance which are so rare to find, but so appealing to those who can use some time before funding the formal purchase while already moving in!
    For all the details about becoming the proud owners of such a beautiful stake in this family friendly neighborhood and town, call Denise Rossi of Proxima Investors @ (617) 999-0269.

    The article can be found here:

    View from family room towards pool area and golf course just beyond privacy line of trees.

    Marketed by Proxima Investors, not agents or brokers, as optionees with no extra fees, all included in sale price. Buyers’ agents welcome and rewarded with generous referral fees. Call 617-921-9265 for more info.

  • Pocket Listings banned!

    Starting from 2020, January first to be precise, but with a likely extension to several months out, the NAR (National Association of Realtors) members will be banned from practicing pocket listings.

    Also known as “private listings” or “exclusive listings” this practice is seriously hurting the reputation of Realtors by casting doubts on the ethics of such practice.

    The fiduciary relationship between Seller and Listing Agent requires the agent to act in the best interest of the Seller and of the Seller only. However, in such scenarios, Sellers could actually lose significantly by seeing their property marketed to a restricted number of bidding Buyers. The risk is fetching a lower selling price.

    The agent using this technique increases the chances of getting a full commission. Instead of having to split with a Buyers Agent who wouldn’t know about the availability of the property, the listing agent gets both sides of the commission, usually totaling 6%.

    Marketing so the Agent benefits and the Seller misses out, betrays the special fiduciary relationship that characterizes the listing of a property for sale with a real estate agent, especially a Realtor (member of the NAR). Realtors are theoretically obligated to a strict code of ethics or risk disciplinary action, including getting excluded from the organization.

    With a limited amount of cases where a Pocket Listing would be justified, the decision to limit this practice will open up many more opportunities to Buyers. In times of low inventory this is good news for the whole industry.

    As far as our Buyers are concerned, freeing up the market by banning Pocket Listings isn’t necessarily beneficial because it would be about properties marketed by real estate agents. Notoriously, most real estate agents don’t have the training, experience and inclination to market the properties and set up alternative deals like lease-options.

    However, more properties on the market could mean more Sellers and a better chance of homes offered on alternative selling methods like lease-purchase. With an extremely low inventory of homes available for lease-option/lease-purchase, that’s awesome news. Despite Lease-Purchasers and Lease-Option Buyers being very motivated, some homes are just an impossible choice, no matter how hard they try to make them work. So good news!

    Concluding we think that ordinary Buyers and our Buyers will benefit from more properties to choose from. If not lowering prices significantly, it should allow less of the “take it or leave it” type of situations. Right now, the unconventional market of lease-options is very heavily a Sellers’ market. Many times the inventory in this niche market is just too thin and qualifying Buyers are just too many.

    Hopefully our Buyers will find the opportunities they deserve, but we still have to find out how heavily enforced the ban will be and see the real effects on the market. Its implementation is already delayed in most locations ’til May 2020…

    More info available on our main blog: NAR bans Pocket Listings

    Single Family Home for Rent to Own
    Large Singe Family Home available near Amherst College for Rent to Own/Lease-Purchase
  • Buying haunted homes in Massachusetts

    Stigmatized properties for sale in MA: Sellers’ disclosures to Buyers according to state law

    When Selling a home, a Seller has to abide by rules and guidelines for the benefit of Buyers. Some of these are pertinent to facts that may affect the building, and in turn the transaction, and that the law may or may not require a seller to disclose to Buyers.

    Each buyer, has a different sensitivity to the issue and for many it’s not an issue at all. However, the problem of disclosing these events and situations could add uncertainty in a transaction if not clear and have the potential for a headache or legal nightmare.

    Scary ghostly figures in haunted building..

    There are already so many hurdles, like inspections, appraisals, concessions, fees, assists, waivers, endless negotiations and other disclosures that finding out late in the deal about a “paranormal presence” in a house, could jeopardize a done deal by unsettling even the most motivated buyer.

    The creaky floors could be something easy to fix and not likely to hold up a Purchase, but should they be thought to be due to paranormal activity and not having been disclosed by the seller, there could be an insurmountable issue that emerges after signatures have been exchanged and provide a reason for legal claims based on lack of disclosure.


    Unlike California, where you can go back 3 years and more for psychologically impacting events on the property, it’s not the case in Massachusetts! The law clearly states that, as it doesn’t fall in the category of material facts which have to be disclosed, it’s not necessary “to disclose the fact that the property was the site of “…felony, suicide or homicide” or “…that the real property has been the site of an alleged parapsychological or supernatural phenomenon.”


    So no disclosure of any stigma on a property for sale is legally necessary in Massachusetts, and that’s for a Seller or a Landlord or Lessor, to buyers or tenants, renters, lessees.


    The general “Caveat Emptor” (Buyer beware) rule applies here for buyers, who are expected by law to perform their due diligence if sensitive to this aspect of a property. If you’re a buyer, we suggest you talk to neighbors, research public records, and just ask clear and direct questions, especially if there’s a doubt, maybe you heard some rumors, maybe a just a gut feeling.

    If buyers ask questions, then the seller cannot misrepresent or make false statement to buyers without creating cause of action, with half-truths also providing an opportunity for a successful lawsuit. So ask those questions directly to who would know, especially owners, but also agents, they are both legally obligated to disclose upon request from a buyer.


    What sellers can do, is to provide information voluntarily. If they so choose, it’s their prerogative, but NOT obligation and buyers can’t claim it as a right.


    If represented by an agent, in the same way no disclosure is necessary. Due to the fiduciary nature of the relationship between agent and seller, the agent cannot provide the information voluntarily, unlike the seller, and unless the seller authorizes or instructs the agent to do so. The agent can always decline to represent the seller or terminate an agreement already in place if the information emerges after establishing the contractual relationship. It may or may not be easier to get more truthful information from an agent due to the legal implications on their careers, so ask both seller and realtor.


    If an investor, like us at Proxima Investors, is involved, depending on the type of underlying deal, the investor is subject to the same disclosure rules as the seller, if holding equitable interest in the property.


    At Proxima Investors we have not come across a situation of stigmatized properties where it was a concern. However, since Massachusetts is an old state with many old and beautiful homes. Homes can have a long and known history and the creaks and noises of old homes can be unsettling and inspire stories passed down over centuries. Think about Salem in the 1600s when Massachusetts was a very populous state with lots going on. It’s only a matter of time that we will run into this issue. We already have invested in old and antique homes, which can be difficult to sell in this market, and we love them. Should the issue at some point arise, we believe that it should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, as property stigmatizing events and situation have a different psychological impact depending on their uniqueness. As a buyer, you can just ask and we will be happy to disclose anything that could be of interest, but rest assured that in extreme cases we probably wouldn’t take such property and agree with the policy of demolition that has taken place on the site of awful events. So, as a buyer, if you see a house listed by us, you know that we aren’t aware of any major circumstances that would affect the property psychologically or “para-psychologically”.

    Proxima Investors are not attorneys and we do not provide legal advice and only state our opinions. Check with your attorney of choice before making any decision based on the content of this article. A useful resource can be found by clicking the link below to the relevant section of the state law: Real estate transactions; disclosure; psychologically impacted property.

    Massachusetts Law Reference:

  • Sterling MA: Images of Rent to Own Home

    Rent to own in Sterling MA
    No Banks, No Mortgage, Down Payment to move in

    Above is one of the many bathrooms in this home, complete with bathtub and walk-in shower. It’s the master bathroom serving the master bedroom conveniently situated on the first floor.

    In this composition is also part of the beautiful brickwork at the front of the house, with a grand lawn to separate it from quiet Sandy Ridge Rd, in Sterling, Massachusetts.

    Next is the geographical location in Massachusetts and Worcester County, within easy reach of Tax-Free New Hampshire, the city of Worcester well connected to the rest of Massachusetts and its capital, Boston.

    The QR code brings you straight to the dedicated section on this website for more pictures, photos, images and information.

  • What is Lease-Purchase?

    Our interpretation of Lease-Purchase is simply explained below in a short and basic explainer video.

    Each deal is different and unique, so the video is just to give the basic idea of the concept, especially for a buyer/renter.

    Its exemplary material has a higher thermal coefficient – which indicates that heat remains placed, keeping it out of slipping into static or liquid. If you’re working to a delicate slice, this type of paper is a wonderful investment.-

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    Additionally, some papers require special handling and binding before they are sometimes used. Because this is the case, it’s really a fantastic idea to buy newspaper which is even softer than what you’ll use for school research, or if you are planning to utilize it as a teaching aid.- Layouts – Basically, any paper writing that is easy to publish will probably do for the research. Most novels have many formats which may enable one to print out multiple copies, therefore if you will find the one that’s simple to see and know, you can just print the bits needed.

    That way, you will not need to consider several copies of the same bit – which makes it much easier to compare different pieces with other individuals.If you have more experience or even more knowledge about your area, then you might choose to buy art research paper as a hobby instead. The sky’s the limit, however don’t forget there are a number of drawbacks, too: it’s more expensive, and you’re going to have to learn a different solution to work well with this.

    For more detailed info please get in touch, call 617-999-0269 or message, email, social media and whichever way works for you.

    We will be happy to look into your situation and advise as whether one of our programs may work for you and how it would look like in your specific scenario.


    Unfortunately, we do NOT have any homes available in our Rent-to-Own/Lease-Purchase program by Proxima Investors, who run this website, From Renter 2 Buyer. They are not always easy to come by.

    We will publish our properties as they become available, right after we have offered them to our Buyers who are on our Buyers’ List.

    If you want to know about our properties before they are offered to the general public, we suggest you sign up to our Buyers’ List and find out first! It’s FREE: Proxima Investors Buyers’ List

  • Love Your Pets!

    Today, on February 20th, we celebrate our pets! It’s LoveYourPetDay!

    Differents dogs looking at camera isolated on a white studio background. Collage

    For us, at and our associate website, it’s so easy to understand the amazing and loving bond that can be established between pets and their owners to our job as real estate investors, because we solve also one of renters biggest problems when we offer them our properties: landlords who don’t accept pets or charge heavy fees to allow them in! They may even (legally) discriminate between breeds and species! And that’s actually one of the first moments when renters decide to contact us, when they see that our homes welcome their pets just as much as the rest of their family!

    Family With Children And Pet Dog Sit On Steps Of Home

    By offering our homes for Lease-Purchase, which is nothing else than a committed and tight real estate property Rent-To-Own agreement, we allow Lease-Purchasers to enjoy the properties practically as the owners, which of course includes no limitations other than what they decide to having pets.

    Of course laws and regulations need to be respected, but in a Lease-Purchase there is no typical Landlord who can give you a hard time for any type of pet, ever again!

    All pets to be loved more than ever, no matter what species, no matter what breed!!!

    You’re not the formal owner until the deal is completely executed with the final Purchase and Sale, which makes the Lease-Purchasers the actual owners. However, during the Lease part you are not really a typical renter with all the conditions and contingencies that renters typically have, including the eventual need to move as the property does not belong to them and needs to be returned sooner or later…

    We pride ourselves in being able to design deals which can turn renters in temporary accommodation into owners of a permanent home for them and their family and, you guessed it, their PETS!

    So while we are reminded of the important role that pets have in many families everyday, please enjoy your pets today more than other days and make them feel special!

    Happy Love Your Pet Day 2019!

    Puppy with (deserved!?) giftbox

    This website,, dedicated to the many Renters and others who live in a temporary accommodation while not being able to purchase a property yet, is owned and operated by, Property Acquisition and Lease-Purchase/Rent-To-Own Specialists.

  • You sell, we buy

    Plymouth St, East Bridgewater, Massachusetts


    East Bridgewater, MA Single Family Home for rent-to-Own/Lease-Purchase

    East Bridgewater Home Lease-Purchased!

    With great pride we want to announce that our antique East Bridgewater home has been SOLD (via LEASE-PURCHASE). The interest in this home was overwhelming! So happy for the family who get to call it home, and thankful to the owner who trusted us to partner and sell it! We wish the best of luck to both the seller and the buyers!


    If you are a motivated homeowner who wants to sell, you can’t get what your home is worth or your write my essay realtor cannot find the right buyer, feel free to contact us and we will tell you what options we may have for you, including lease-purchase and straight sale deals.


    If you want to rent-to-own/lease-purchase a home and want to hear about other available properties we may have, get in touch and we’ll tell you what options we have available for you. Please note we do NOT do STRAIGHT RENTALS, either sales or rent-to-own/lease-purchase, so you need to want to purchase a property, on whatever terms work.

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