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  • Love Your Pets!

    Today, on February 20th, we celebrate our pets! It’s LoveYourPetDay!

    Differents dogs looking at camera isolated on a white studio background. Collage

    For us, at and our associate website, it’s so easy to understand the amazing and loving bond that can be established between pets and their owners to our job as real estate investors, because we solve also one of renters biggest problems when we offer them our properties: landlords who don’t accept pets or charge heavy fees to allow them in! They may even (legally) discriminate between breeds and species! And that’s actually one of the first moments when renters decide to contact us, when they see that our homes welcome their pets just as much as the rest of their family!

    Family With Children And Pet Dog Sit On Steps Of Home

    By offering our homes for Lease-Purchase, which is nothing else than a committed and tight real estate property Rent-To-Own agreement, we allow Lease-Purchasers to enjoy the properties practically as the owners, which of course includes no limitations other than what they decide to having pets.

    Of course laws and regulations need to be respected, but in a Lease-Purchase there is no typical Landlord who can give you a hard time for any type of pet, ever again!

    All pets to be loved more than ever, no matter what species, no matter what breed!!!

    You’re not the formal owner until the deal is completely executed with the final Purchase and Sale, which makes the Lease-Purchasers the actual owners. However, during the Lease part you are not really a typical renter with all the conditions and contingencies that renters typically have, including the eventual need to move as the property does not belong to them and needs to be returned sooner or later…

    We pride ourselves in being able to design deals which can turn renters in temporary accommodation into owners of a permanent home for them and their family and, you guessed it, their PETS!

    So while we are reminded of the important role that pets have in many families everyday, please enjoy your pets today more than other days and make them feel special!

    Happy Love Your Pet Day 2019!

    Puppy with (deserved!?) giftbox

    This website,, dedicated to the many Renters and others who live in a temporary accommodation while not being able to purchase a property yet, is owned and operated by, Property Acquisition and Lease-Purchase/Rent-To-Own Specialists.

  • You sell, we buy

    ***SOLD***Plymouth St, East Bridgewater, Massachusetts


    East Bridgewater, MA Single Family Home for rent-to-Own/Lease-Purchase

    East Bridgewater Home Lease-Purchased!

    With great pride we want to announce that our antique East Bridgewater home has been SOLD (via LEASE-PURCHASE). The interest in this home was overwhelming! So happy for the family who get to call it home, and thankful to the owner who trusted us to partner and sell it! We wish the best of luck to both the seller and the buyers!


    If you are a motivated homeowner who wants to sell, you can’t get what your home is worth or your realtor cannot find the right buyer, feel free to contact us and we will tell you what options we may have for you, including lease-purchase and straight sale deals.


    If you want to rent-to-own/lease-purchase a home and want to hear about other available properties we may have, get in touch and we’ll tell you what options we have available for you. Please note we do NOT do STRAIGHT RENTALS, either sales or rent-to-own/lease-purchase, so you need to want to purchase a property, on whatever terms work.