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***SOLD***Plymouth St, East Bridgewater, Massachusetts

You sell, we buy

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East Bridgewater, MA Single Family Home for rent-to-Own/Lease-Purchase

East Bridgewater Home Lease-Purchased!

With great pride we want to announce that our antique East Bridgewater home has been SOLD (via LEASE-PURCHASE). The interest in this home was overwhelming! So happy for the family who get to call it home, and thankful to the owner who trusted us to partner and sell it! We wish the best of luck to both the seller and the buyers!


If you are a motivated homeowner who wants to sell, you can’t get what your home is worth or your realtor cannot find the right buyer, feel free to contact us and we will tell you what options we may have for you, including lease-purchase and straight sale deals.


If you want to rent-to-own/lease-purchase a home and want to hear about other available properties we may have, get in touch and we’ll tell you what options we have available for you. Please note we do NOT do STRAIGHT RENTALS, either sales or rent-to-own/lease-purchase, so you need to want to purchase a property, on whatever terms work.

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