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Proxima Investors of New England owns this website, FromRenter2Buyer which is an integral part of the main real estate investment business. is especially dedicated and focused on the end Buyers of our deals in which we purchase properties and sell them mostly on Lease-Purchase/rent-to-Own terms. includes listings and information about how our deals work from a Buyer’s perspective and should help prospective Buyers understand if our Selling programs are a fit for them.

We specialize in putting families who are renting or in any kind of temporary accommodation, including at friends, with parents, in homes that they own, but are inadequate, especially for growing families, on the path of definite ownership, so they can have a place that they can call theirs, to be their permanent home.

There can be more reasons that we can really think of for not being able to purchase or commit to a purchase of a home, every Buyer we talk to has almost always a different story.

However, it’s pretty clear that after the 2008 downturn the lending industry has rules and guidelines imposed at all levels, from federal to institutional policies, that cut out out many from access to affordable finance, typically a mortgage.

Even those who eventually qualify have to go through a painful process the result of which is always uncertain until the end.

Applicants perfectly fine or even very well off financially are often not able to qualify, because the system is playing it much more safely than before the downturn, where access was relatively easy to all (think about the requirement of income based on the applicants’ statement only, “stated income”). Now the system has totally swung the other way and access is restricted to a small minority of the population that meets extremely strict criteria.

Add to all that the fact that the lending giants, like banks, seem to be very inefficient and make heavy use of another mysterious and unfair subsytem in the industry like official credit scoring, and the picture of pain for so many out there who want to buy a home, is complete.

That’s why we do what we do, we help work through and around the challenges of the process, not by getting loans, we are not lenders, not by simply finding you a home, we are not agents, but by putting you in a home on terms that will allow you to position yourselves where a lender wants you to be.

As long as you are a deserving Buyer who has challenges out of no fault of your own, wronged by a system which works only for a few, we most likely have a great solution, customized to your family needs and issues.

We are a family business, Proxima Investors, built for families, because we had challenges to and we found the solution. We were so grateful and amazed that we decided to allow other families to have the same opportunity that we stumbled upon, took it and never looked back.

Every individual’s situation is different, so we can’t explain much more here, but information that is useful to you is just a phone call away, 617-999-0269 or send us a message on the contact page of this website or email. Needless to say, you can find us on all major social media networks, like us on Facebook, look us up on LinkedIn, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and all our blogs, and more!

We’re looking forward to talking to you about how to overcome your challenges…617-999-0269!